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Let Your Money Work For You With Merchant Shares

 How to Invest with Merchant Shares?

You can not signup directly going through the link of the website. If you do so then it will ask you to find a sponsor first. 
You can get a sponsored link from us. If you sign up with the below given link you will be stay updated with every update of Merchant Share.

What is Merchant Shares?
Merchant shares claim that they are real investment company registered in Dominica and giving service since 2007 and globally since March 2014. They are offering low returns on investment, this can be the reason behind their long term paying status. You can still make money from this site because low-return hyips can survive even for 10 years. We believe that Merchant Shares will still continue to pay in 2-3 years thanks to their low-return policy.


 What is MS and how does it work?

Merchant shares is an investment management service that has 4 investment sectors to choose from : Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Web Ads. 

Each investment is a minimum of $20 and you are guaranteed 150% on your investment (100% is your invested amount + 50% is your profit).

You earn a % every day until you reach your guaranteed 150%, at which that time your investment will expire.

You will earn 0.25% up to 2.25% per day 7 days per week for Web Ads and you will earn 0.25% up to 2.25% per day on weekdays for Forex, Stocks and Commodities and 0.25% on weekend days.

There are no ads to click, no tasks to do -- simply
Deposit, Invest and Earn -- that's it!

They have been faithfully processing withdrawals INSTANTLY since they first launched in March of 2014.

The minimum to withdraw from your investment or from your commissions is $5.
You can compound by using your Profit Available amount or your referral commissions to make new investments.

MS has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services, with no questions asked.

Several payment methods are accepted including: Payeer, SolidTrust Pay, Paytoo, Perfect Money, Okpay, BTC-E and Neteller. Some of these payment systems do accept Bitcoin, credit cards, debit cards and bank wires. MS does not directly accept Bitcoins.
Referring is not a requirement however, you can earn you 5% commissions for every new deposit your referrals make. Your commissions are available instantly for withdrawing or for making new investments.

Unlike other online opportunities, MS does not accept any referrals from a company or owner's link and all new signups must join under another member's link.
There is only one level of referrals and MS is not an MLM.
MS is not an hyip or rev share that will fail or disappear with your money.
Merchant Shares is uniquely designed for reliability, consistency, stability and long term investing.

Merchant Shares Review

Before writing Merchant Shares Review, I studied and researched a lot and the facts I found about Merchant Shares, I am going to discuss you in this review. I will also share my personal experience with you.

To collect data and information, I arranged an online meet (through chat) with one of Merchant Shares support staffs. I asked him a lot of questions and he replied me honestly. I would like to share few of those questions that you might want to know.

My question : 

When this Merchant Shares website started, from how long it has been paying, and what are the sources to pay their clients?
I also checked on site there is a logo of 30 days money back guarantee? what is that?
Answer I got: 

Find us in Dominican government site, we (Merchant Shares) have registered since 2007, operated locally and lately around 2 years we are in the global online market. As per Dominica International Business Companies Act 1996, it provides a full exemption from tax for IBC companies for 20 Years. 
We are registered in 2007. We are eligible to conduct business there till 2027 without paying any taxes to the government of Dominica, However, to continue our business after 2027 some fees might be added in the transactions so that we will be able to pay taxes to the government of Dominica.
We collect member's funds based on Investment Sector, Invest in collective Basket Fund, Share today's profit on starting of next day.
We have following investment sectors: Web Ads, Forex, Commodities and Stocks at this moment.
30 Days Money back guarantee means you can refund your deposit within 30 days from the date when you deposit the particular fund.

My question : How can one get his refund?
Answer I got from Merchant Shares Staff:
Click on Active option given below the Investments section given in the Dashboard page, it will take you to the Active investments page. Click on Investment id in the Active investment page which will take you the investment detail page click on a link 'Click here to cancel this investment.' and follow the steps to cancel your investment.You can not cancel your investment in the following condition:
1. if your investment is longer than 30 days. 
2. if you have ever transferred the profit yield from the investment.
My Question :

What are the daily profits? How much can a user earn on his investments (ROI)?
Answer I got by Merchant Shares staff:

No matter how much you invest, you will earn a total of 150% of the investment including invested amount.
Daily profit % and days are not fixed. We pay daily 0.25% to 2.25% in all Investment sector based on trading performance, till your investment will earn a profit of 150% including your invested amount. As per the past history, we found between 90 to 120 days to gain full profit (150%) from your active investment.
So above questions have cleared lots of points. These questions are very important part of this Merchant Shares Review
It is not the End of this review. I have still lots of things to discuss you. We can't blindly trust on the words said by their staff. Those words might not be 100% accurate or true. I collected other facts and data about Merchant Shares and I am sharing those facts in this review.

These data and the Review of Merchant shares will help you in answering the following questions.

1. Is Merchant Shares Scam, Really?
2. Should I Invest with Merchant Shares?
3. How much can I earn with Merchant Shares?
4. How much Merchant Shares pay on the investment made by users?
5. Is it genuine?
6. What are the payment processors to add/withdraw funds?
7. What is the minimum amount to invest in Merchant Shares and what is the minimum amount to withdraw from Merchant Shares?
Important Points about Merchant Shares:
 Merchant Shares Review: ScamAdviser Data

According to ScamAdviser, MerchantShares Website has completed its 2 years 141 days online today (7th July 2016).

What I came to know after reading the reviews of other people?

To have some more data about Merchant Shares, I started investigating and reading the review of other people on the Internet. I was excited to know the experiences of those people who are in this system for a long time. After my research what I found around 90% people saying Merchant shares is a good site to invest.
I did not find any negative comment regarding payout issues or Scam. Some people were saying Merchant Shares is an HYIP.
But I do not think so as they are not paying any huge amount or making unrealistic promises. If they are really in the field they have confessed about then paying 50% ROI in 3-4 months is not a big deal at all. 
(Merchant shares pay total of 150% in 90-120 days, here 100% is your initial amount and the exact profit you get is 50%, you can increase your profits by reinvesting your amount in Merchant Shares.)
Overall, data I got from online reviews give a result that Merchant Shares is not a scam and they are paying regular (almost instantly after withdrawal request) to their clients.
My Friend Abhishek's experiences with Merchant shares: 

Abhishek started investing in Merchant Shares around 7 months ago. I got more useful information from him. He told me that he is getting his payouts and profits on the regular basis without any issues.
He is using Perfect Money as his payment processor to invest and withdraw his profits. I asked him to show any of his withdrawal proof. He sent me the latest proof of 54$ that he got yesterday (6th July 2016) from Merchant shares. Here is the screenshot.

So now it has 100% been cleared that Merchant Shares is a good site to Invest.
Now let's move on the next Clues

My Personal Experience with Merchant Shares.

I created an account of mine in Merchant Shares and what I found that the minimum amount that I could invest was $20. Then I invested $200 in checking and having some profits. 
(The minimum Investment amount is 20$. But according to my latest talk with Merchant shares they have notified me that the Minimum amount required for the new investment or reinvestment in the individual sectors is $18)
What I love the most in Merchant Shares is their 24x7 online chat support and they reply very fast. Any issue doubt or confusion you can contact directly with their online chat support system.

Payment methods supported by Merchant Shares

Perfect Money
OK Pay
Solid Trust Pay
Why should one Invest in Merchant Shares?

Read these special features of Merchant share and you will have your own answer of why you should invest with Merchant Shares.

Affiliate (Referral) program by Merchant Shares

Yes, Merchant shares also offer a referral program to their users. If you invite a user then you will get commissions of 5% on his investments. It has one level referral commission plan.

 Security: Merchant Shares Review

These days security of the websites is very important. We often hear how websites are being crashed and hacked by hackers.
But Merchant shares is fully secured and DDOS protected website. Means, there is no chances of being hacked by hackers.
Multi lingual site (70+ Global Languages)

Merchant Shares come with 70+ global languages. Means you can easily use the website in your own language. 
There you may find little variations after translating the site in your mother tongue language. It is recommended to use the site in English only, if possible.
Merchant Shares Scam: What about the risks?

The Risk exists everywhere. Nobody knows what would happen in next few seconds. If you are investing your money in Merchant Shares then no doubt you have some risk. It is suggested to invest only those amount which you can bear to lose.
But the facts are showing that Merchant shares website is safe to invest but this is not legally written on the paper.
How to Invest with Merchant Shares?

You can not signup directly going through the link of the website. If you do so then it will ask you to find a sponsor first. 
As as a reader of Tips2secure, you can get a sponsored link from us. If you sign up with the below given link you will be stay updated with every update of Merchant Share.

1. After sign up, it will ask you to verify your email address. After verification of your email, you can set your password.

2. Now to make a deposit, navigate to deposit option, then "create" and from there you can add your funds into your account.

3. Now same navigate to investment and select your desired sector to invest and you will be done.

Final Words:

To be honest, I have reviewed many online Investment sites but I did not find any website like Merchant share with this much level of security and safety till now. I highly recommend you to add this website in your portfolio list if you are an online investor.
If you have any question or doubt you can ask me here. Also, if you are one from the experienced users then do not forget to comment your experiences with Merchant shares. Your comment will be helpful for our readers.


Here are their company documents:

They are offering and guaranteeing minimum 0.025% and maximum 2.25% daily. You will get daily profits untill your $20 turns into $30. They have 4 investment sectors and they share the profit with members:

1.Web Ads




You can choose whichever sector you want and you will be paid according to the daily profits of that sector.

Other things to mention:

  • There is compounding option to reinvest.
  • There is 0.25% profit on weekends as there is no business in forex, commodities and stocks on those days.
  • The payments are instant.
  • They have 7 day refund policy. You can take your money back without a question in 7 days.
  • You can only withdraw your profits to the same payment system that you deposited.

Register the site with the link below and make money online: